What Brings Me To YouBook Cover



Self-published author Loralee Abercrombie contacted me for help designing the cover for her new book What Brings Me To You, available on Amazon.

For him it was a typical love story: boy meets girl, boy falls head over heels for girl, boy screws it up, boy works hard to become a man worthy of girl. For her it wasn’t that simple. Teddy and Charley are inextricably bound by shared tragedy. Will their relationship be able to survive through years of heartaches, separation, and growing pains?

The New Adult story is about a boy and a girl who meet on the beach and then fall in love. For a good portion of the book, the two characters are separated by circumstance and time, yet keeping up their connection through letters.

Photography: “The Light Of Love” by Damian GadalUsed under the Creative Commons licensing terms.

Citrus CrushA pre-made customizable WordPress theme

Citrus Crush is a pre-made theme in development.

A Bit Of JessFrench Plus-Size Fashion Blog

When Jessica, author of A Bit Of Jess contacted me with her inspiring idea of launching her plus-size fashion blog, I was more than game! This project started completely from scratch and the first steps consisted in creating a brand identity including logo, branding guidelines and social-media graphics.

Then, the self-hosted WordPress blog was set up, and clothed with a clean design destined to emphasize pictures rather than written content. The theme is fully customized and offers a responsive layout, image-hover effects and several other gimmicks making it easily navigable and unique at the same time.



A Fleur de PeauA full-featured make-up blog

Fifty Shades of BooksRomantic Book Reviews Blog

Fifty Shades of Books is another one of my pet projects. Aside from the freelance webdesign, one of my hobbies is reading romance novels, and after years of posting my reviews to Goodreads, I decided it was time to store them on my own personal reviews blog.

Fifty Shades of Books is another fully WordPress powered site, which operates a fully customized Book Review plugin allowing to post reviews with a custom taxonomy (author, publisher, series etc…) and a detailed rating. It also uses an Events Calendar plugin in order to show upcoming book releases.

Last but not least, the combination of a standard Serif Font with a playful handwritten font will give this site both a classic, yet also a romantic and slightly girly look and feel.

Black & WhiteBlack and White Macro Photography

I love black and white photography, with a preference for details and macro. Some of these pictures were taken with a Pentax Km, while most were actually taking with my beloved Pentax K-7 DSLR, coupled with a 50mm macro lens.

100% HandmadeA series of hand illustrated graphics