It’s confession time. Yes. I suffer from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Okay, it’s not exactly like I need to wash my hands every two minutes or switch the light on and off each time I leave the room. It’s more like Webdesign OCD.

It basically means that I will be extremely picky and perfectionist with everything do – from the book cover draft I am due to send out to a client, to the content of the Outlook invite I send out when I do my actual job – it all has to be pixel-perfect. That means that I will not tolerate issues with the font, format or support quality.

It’s a great thing, really, because that means that I’ll likely get great stuff out to my customers. But to be very honest, it can also be darn annoying. Especially when this means that you spend over 30 minutes debating whether something is or should be centered, when really, after an hour of debating the subject, you decide to flat-out remove the item. It’s also annoying when you do team-work and the presentation your colleague was supposed to put in shape just does. not. work. At least not with you.

Yeah… A colleague of mine would call it pedantic. And I agree, it is. I’m probably worrying too much about details that people won’t even pick up on. But hey, to me they are still important and I’m actually happy to spend some time on them and be sure my work raises the bar I set myself!